W O R K I N G   F A R M ,    E V E N T   V E N U E ,   &   M U S E U M S

C E N T R A L   C A R O L I N A ' S   T O U R I S M   D E S T I N A T I O N


26 Fully restored tractors &

licensed John Deere Gift Shop

Self-Guided open 9am - 6pm daily

Steam Room with steam engines,

1890s DC Generator, & 1920s Boiler

Self-Guided open 9am - 6pm daily

Farmhouse from the early 1900s with original furnishings

Reservation Is Required  

"The Giving House" 36,000 sq ft tour 3 floors and host events

Reservation Is Required  






"Took my cousin with my grown son and I to tour the house. My cousin has ALS and is wheelchair dependant. Staff was most accommodating. Our tour guide had so many interesting stories about the house design, the interior decorations and antiques, famous people who have visited and/or performed there and the generosity of Jerry and Linda Neal. I never knew what a "giving house" was. There was more than we could take in with just one visit. We'll be back!"


"ECA members had a wonderful day touring the Linbrook Heritage Estate. Our tour guide, Ginny Carpenter (Albemarle native) did a wonderful job of sharing the home and furnishings history. We were able to visit with the owner,  after our tour. Following the tour, we enjoyed a southern lunch at Magnolia 23 in Asheboro and made a quick stop at the Pisgah Covered bridge on our way home."


"We went with the expectation of seeing the John Deere museum, but found so much more. The icing on the cake was the beautiful Linbrook Hall, which was made so appealing by our precious tour guide Allison. She brought it to life with stories and history, taking her time and answering questions. If you live anywhere in the Greensboro/Ashboro area and have not visited here, Shame on You. We drove up from Lexington, SC for the day and it was well worth the trip. Will definitely go again and take more friends."


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